Easter cake on OLGA matte with photo, step-by-step recipe

Easter cake on OLGA matte with photo, step-by-step recipe

Coolie on Channel Olga Matvi: I like this author, because it’s fun and sweet, but for the first time I decided to cook with her recipe. As a result, not all of us are happy with the cake (seal), but I just decided not to share my taste, and how did you decide? I like everything, absolutely everyone was happy with them, but I want to make sure that these people always buy cakes in the shop, as these people do not try crafts in the CLUD recipe. So, I decided to make this video free as the recipe is normal, as the recipe is normal, and maybe someone seems to be the best. Later, as indicated by the author and bracket, I came up with a recipe that I would make changes to which I would decide to do next time.

Competitive Easter complements the beautiful x elements

Floor 1400 g
Eggs – 8 pcs
Milk – 0.5 liters
Hot Butter or Margarine – 250g (I will use another rich pasteurized flavor).
Sour cream – 0.5 l
Sugar – 450 g
Vanilla Sugar – 3 packages
Salt – 0.5 h. L.
Dried yeast – 15 g (or fresh 50 g)
Flour – 1400 G (I took 1500 grams, the recipe allows 1600 G in the recipe)
Raisins – 250 grams
Protein – 4 eggs
Sugar – 200g (I took the sugar powder and there was no drop)
Lemon acid – lime
Salt – Chipotle

Step-by-step cooking recipe
1 of the verses

We beat the eggs and mix them with a whisk, then add the hot milk, then add the melted butter and mix again, then add the sugar and salt and mix, then add the choco cream.

Chapter 2

Dried kernels are mixed with flour and slowly add to the cooked mixture until they are mixed after each addition. Finally we knead the flour in your hand and continue mixing for another 7 minutes

3 of the verses

Sending an hour or an hour to a hot place for an hour or an hour To solve the problem again in a warm place and again, Olga Fountain, he says that it only takes 2 times, and how to hold it 3 times, so I also confuse the good by confusing the recipes. Time in 40-50 minutes)

Chapter 4

We make the form, oil the size of the vegetable oil, then shake hands with the oil and put each half to less than or slightly less. (In paper form, it gets very bad, as the baking will be soft and moist, when you don’t press it, the filling forms cover a towel), and last for an hour.

5 of the verses

We are baking the cake at 180 • 40 to 50 minutes The author recommends lowering the temperature to 160 degrees Celsius But I didn’t do it, I didn’t burn

Chapter 6

Take out the cake and let it cool, while you cool the Google-Mogul To do this, we separated the proportions from the yellow and supplied them with whips in the month of White, followed by sugar powder and peat again. Ready

Chapter 7

Decorate the cold cake lobster white lashes month and the accident Ready!

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