How does an Internet browser make money?

How does an Internet browser make money?

In a recent survey, in which we only had to limit ourselves to one mobile app, the Internet browser was the first choice. Despite their huge contribution to the revitalization of the Internet, these humble software applications are generally recognized as granted.

Given that they provide free services, how do these browsers make money? We usually assume “advertising money”, but it is part of the total revenue Here, we explore a number of popular browsers and their unique approaches to revenue generation.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Surprisingly, the Mozilla Foundation is no longer a non-profit organization. According to the latest financial report, the company earned $ 562 million in 2017. 96 percent of them Or $ 539 million in search engine royalties

Once again, Mozilla has subscribed to Google as a default search engine in Firefox Quantum. Even if they do not disclose the true share of the income, it is safe to assume that this deal is very important to them. You would think that Google Mozilla Firefox is mostly owned, although it will not renew the deal in November 2020. But Firefox users will be able to surf the web more than 100 billion times a year, and Google will not let Google out of them. …

This will not stop Google from distracting Firefox users, yet both browsers are competing in the same market. As an example, a user noticed in the tweet that Google Flight was blocked on the Firefox Android app.

To be honest, Mozilla’s Russia has ties to Yandex and Baidu in China, which are more important in these countries than Google. It is also trying to diversify with Firefox pockets and consumer-centric ads, and is selling advertising effects.

2. Safari

Like Firefox’s revenue model, the Safari search engine receives royalties, especially from Google. In addition, in the case of safaris, they have more options than Firefox, as Google recently gave them $ 12 billion to continue using them as default search engines. With hundreds of millions of iPhone and Mac users, Apple could establish a good relationship with Google year after year, making Safari the richest browser after Chrome.

3. Microsoft Edge

Like Google Edwards, most of Microsoft’s revenue comes from Bing search engines. Of course, with a 4% market share that is unlikely to grow rapidly, it is more difficult to catch chromium. Not only that, Bing’s advertising revenue fell 7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, which means the era of stability is not over. Although Microsoft feels it is impossible to beat Google in its own game, its only hope is to continue to reward consumers with gifts and coupons for using Bing and Edge.

4. Opera

One of the most humble browsers in terms of reach seems to have perfected its knowledge of how to use the Opera Browser effectively. With 182 million active users worldwide, Opera sees 28 to 34 percent annual revenue growth. Search Engine Engagement (Russia’s Yandex, China’s Baidu, Google everywhere) partners with Firefox’s revenue model, but there are other options that are worth mentioning.

First of all, Opera has license agreements with many websites such as and EBE. It has a device-level agreement with smartphone makers such as Oppo and Xiaomi, which is the primary browser in Opera Dock. He also focuses on artificial intelligence-based content recognition technology.

5. Brave

Brave Browser is proud of its privacy, security and speed With an ad blocker and a zero log policy, it is a great browser to use. However, they also need to make money To do this, they use a cryptocurrency that they call the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Like the Microsoft Rewards, BAT units are provided to users for service use. They also have a connection with the first blockchain phone HTC Exodus Brave acts as a source of extra income with trusted publishers on YouTube and Twitter.

The result

We have seen that each browser has its own revenue strategy, and they are very different from the others. We did not mention Google Chrome in this list because of its dual functionality as Google’s vehicle for search ad revenue generation. This unique position makes him a terrific player who leaves everyone behind Due to its large advertising revenue, Google does not need attractive ques solutions used in other browsers. What do you think is the best way to earn money for a browser? Let’s find out in the comments

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