How to add a site to the Google directory

How to add a site to the Google directory

Every webmaster, by creating his own site, wants to visit it To do this, it is necessary that the maximum number of users on the network know about your source. Therefore, your site must be included in the Google directory

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Computers with internet connection

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Launch any browser you can use (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari). In the address bar, go to and go to the page On the left side, you will see a description of Google Web Tools and an account login box on the right side.

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At the top right of the page you will see the text: “Register a new Google Account.” Click on it to go to the registration page, where you will see six fields to fill In the first case, enter your Google Mailbox address In the next two, confirm and confirm the desired password Fill in the remaining fields and click on “I agree to the terms” Create my account. “

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Sign in to your account You will see a page called “URL Crawl”, with a little text and some areas to fill in. The first is a “URL” and the second is a test, with the help of which the system knows that the site has been added to the directory by a person, not a robot. First, enter the address of your site that you want to add to the index of the search engine. In the second case, you have to enter the characters shown in this field If the displayed icons are bad, right-click on the image of the two loop arrows and update them. When both fields are filled in, click on the Submit Request button

Chapter 4

After submitting the request, the header will read “Your request has been accepted and will be processed soon”. If necessary, you can add many homepages to the site full of good content It is not necessary to do so, but it can play a positive role This completes your work on adding sites to Google Catalog and now you just have to wait. In a few weeks, your site will appear in Google

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