How to change a domain name

How to change a domain name

Every webmaster knows that choosing the right domain is very important, avoiding mistakes that will not have the best impact on the next promotion. But a good domain name also needs to be changed This happens for a variety of reasons Sometimes a change of domain name or registration occurs after any kind of restructuring or transfer of ownership and of course due to its old age. That’s right- this is about SEO – Optimizers want to change the domain name (domain name) because of a bad index or filter.

Item 1

In theory, you can fix all the bugs by writing unique posts and buying links. But it can take a long time before the situation changes Or worse yet, no one can guarantee that the filter will be removed And who likes to waste time and money without getting any results? Therefore, it is easy to change and upgrade your domain Move the site to the new domain you previously selected No questions asked at this stage, the main thing is to register the DNS through the registration process, wait for the representative.

Chapter 2

Register your site at Hosting Then set the following line in the .htaccess file (located in the main folder of the site) and set yourself up again: • RewriteRule (. *) Http://$1 [R = 301, L]

• Write again

• Options + FollowSymLinks After this, the bots and users following the old URLs are automatically redirected to the new one.

3 of the verses

Next, type a new URL in robots.txt, such as host: domain name ru. And add a new domain to Google Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster. In this regard, there is a good and very useful piece of advice, which is that search engines need to “eat” new and old sitemaps. The first will speed up the process of indexing pages that are not in the old blog, the second will allow all old pages to be loaded with 301 redirected commands. Instead, it will help you update your index faster

Chapter 4

Set up a 404 page (by old domain) And note that the blog has changed its address After all the steps have been taken to change the domain name, the search engine has to wait for the moment to re-index all the pages and control the appearance of possible errors.

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