How to check the real speed with the internet

How to check the real speed with the internet

Internet speed is an important component in its list of benefits In fact, when you surf the net and expect to enjoy a good movie, suddenly the internet slows down, freezes, and interferes with your plans. The provider ensures that the speed is normal, just like you should be. What should you do in such a situation? Check the actual speed of your internet Here’s how to do it

– Computer
– Internet connection

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You have to use a special service to check the speed at a certain time There are a lot of resources that provide speed detection services They are all different, each has its own advantages, but today we are “I am on the Internet!” We will consider using the service model to measure the speed of the Internet Yandex

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The first step (and this is a prerequisite!) Check your PC for viruses and other malware. Turn on your antivirus and let it run on your PC If viruses, spies and other pesticides are detected, remove them. After that, I advise you to run antivirus again in an instant mode to make sure your PC is in good order.

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After such thorough and thorough scrutiny you can disable the antivirus, firewall, antispyware, torrents and all other network programs installed on your PC.

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Then we check the network activity of your computer To do this, right-click on the network connection “status” See how the situation develops with the received and sent packets If the number of packets received and sent is quite stable, there is no reason to worry. But if their number continues to grow – of course, your PC has a virus, or you have disabled all network programs. In this case, run the anti-virus again and close all network programs.

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Go to the Yandex website and say, “I’m on the Internet!” Go to the service page Click on the “Measure Speed” option After that, just wait a minute, no more steps are needed Soon, the service will give you information about the incoming and outgoing traffic of your internet

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