How to choose a nickname

How to choose a nickname

Nicknames, or pseudonyms – an integral part of every virtual user. A person may have many nicknames depending on which site he or she registers with

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Many people prefer to use first and last name when creating an email Since the service is often used not only for personal purposes, but also for business correspondence and when registering on the official site (for example, a public service portal). But since the runet has more than five million users, almost all combinations of names and nicknames have already been arranged. And you have to bring in a new nickname for your email Insert a period, hyphen, or underscore between the first and last name so that the address is not repeated. You can also add numbers – date of birth, for example But then the nickname will be very difficult, it will be difficult to remember

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To create a short nickname, use the first letter of the first name, surname, last name, add them to the date of birth or current year. For example, Ivanov Sergei Ivanovich, May 05, 1980. The nickname will look like this: isi050580 It is easy to remember an email address consisting of fifteen letters or more.

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For social networks and chats, you can come up with different nicknames These can be derived from the first and last name, or simply from the nickname “talk” Usually, users try to keep a certain amount of money in a pseudonym For dating sites, they use romantic nicknames (“girl in the rain” or “princess from a story”), for role-playing games – story character names, on social networks – school nicknames or nicknames derivatives. .

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If you cannot come up with a nickname yourself, you can use a service to choose a pseudonym. These are called generators for various computer games There you have to specify the gender, choose the pseudonym and the number of letters Then click on the “Create Nickname” button The site will offer an alternative You can save it and create the following nicknames, and then select the best one.

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