How to choose a reliable and convenient hosting

How to choose a reliable and convenient hosting

Moving from one hosting to another is a complex process and can have negative consequences, first and foremost – a reduction in search engine results, which means less traffic. Therefore, before choosing a hosting provider, you need to study all the proposals, keep in mind all the positive and negative aspects. What should you pay attention to?

Which provider to choose: Russian Russian or foreign?

This is an important question If we take into account the latest changes in the law (for more details, see the article “Disconnecting the Internet in 2019”), the answer is clear: it is better to host a site in Russian Shia hosting. It should be noted that the Russian section of the World Wide Web has been developing rapidly in the recent past; Russia has a large number of providers that provide the highest level of service, ensuring the availability of the site from anywhere in the world.

Stability of work

Availability of your site depends on how stable and reliable the hosting device is Why not access the requested page, the visitor is not very interested – he will only go to other sources provided by the search engine. And you will lose a visitor, a potential customer who can be permanent

How do you know if your hosting is reliable?

There are enough pages on the web that reflect the evaluation of the current provider. As a rule, there are all good and bad indications, there are consumer reviews and other similar information.

Quick technical assistance

With hourly technical support, hosting should be prioritized so that it can quickly and professionally solve your problem. It can communicate with the operator by phone and / or chat The second option is more preferable, as the chat usually allows you to transfer attachments for more detailed study, which helps to quickly eliminate errors.

Flexible fee plan

After registration, you will be asked to choose one of the fee plans Each fee has its own parameters that need to be selected according to your needs:

Number of hosts allowed;

Allocation of disk space;
Number of domains and subdomains approved;
CP Load permission per day
As an added bonus, automatic CMS installation, automatic backup, DNS record management, automatic SSL installation (including free) and many more are welcome.

In most cases, it is enough to choose one of the simple plans to host the first site, and change the fee in the future (if necessary) or expand the provided parameters (depending on the provider).

Domain Name Registration

This is not a determining factor, but it would be very convenient if the provider was also a registrar. In this case, all you have to do is select the appropriate section on the control panel, register a domain and attach it to the site.

It is important to ask whether the registrar provides documentary evidence (either electronically or by mail).

Your own hosting control panel

As the name implies, this is the main page of your account, which contains everything you need to work on: a file manager, site management department, domain, database, DNS, payment and other services. It also reflects the various features and features of the server loader

The presence of such a panel will allow you to work comfortably with all the services provided

File Manager with Built-in Text Editor
Often, files are uploaded to the site via FTP, but if the hosting has a special file manager with a built-in editor, it makes it much easier to upload new files and work with existing files. Generally, such a manager displays two trees and directories in one window at the same time – your computer and hosting (your allocated disk space). Just drag and drop the selected file and it will load automatically.

Payment method for service

Explore all possible payment options, what benefits are offered (for example, the cost of immediate payment for the year), whether there is any additional service (“normal payment”, etc.). It would not be superfluous to explain how quickly money is deposited in the balance and how it is debited: The Daily Nick, once a month, or something else.

Account security

Find out what technical solutions are available to protect access to your account. For example, the presence of IP address fixes from where you will log in Please note that when using this service, an additional service connection is required from an Internet provider.

Information information

The availability of technical information will make it easier to solve many problems that arise when using hosting, to set settings and to eliminate errors.

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