How to connect an access point

How to connect an access point

Sooner or later, many consumers will have to deal with the need to set up a wireless network at home or in a small office. One of the most popular access points for an access point is the Zyxel P330W Router, whose settings are simple, versatile, and can be easily accessed at any other access point, including personal computers.

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Go to the settings panel of the Router’s Web Interface, for which go to the internal ip-address of its location. Select the “Wireless” section, the “Basic Settings” item

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Check the “Disable Access Point” check box

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Choose a Wi-Fi standard in which your access points will work It is better to choose B + G for better versatility

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The next item is the transmission speed given on the wireless network It varies from 1 to 54 MBit, but it is better to choose the “auto” item, then each connected client will work at its maximum speed.

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Set the operating mode of your router to “AP”, which means “Access Point”.

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In the case of SSID, choose the name of your network, your imagination here is not limited

Chapter 7

Go to the “Security” tab of the “Wireless” section of the Web Interface and in the “WPA Pre-Share Key” field, enter the password that will be used to access your wireless network.

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Use a wireless network in your home or office

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