How to create an image as a background for a website

How to create an image as a background for a website

numerous point possessors face the question of how to modernize the point or bring commodity new to it You can change a lot on the point fountain, color scheme, position of information blocks, general background In this composition, you’ll learn how to set an image as a background for a website
It’s important
Html law editor

Step 1

There are two ways to change the appearance of your resource The first is to communicate an expert( web- master) and he’ll make all the necessary changes for a certain figure. Another way is to do it yourself To change the appearance of your point singly, you need to learn the basics of html- law and use an editor.

Step 2

The first thing to consider before setting an image on a point as a background is the point range layout fixed or stretched to fullscreen.However, feel free to include the image It’ll be displayed the same for all druggies If the point is” rubber”, the image will acclimate to the range of the screen for each stoner and may not be displayed rightly, If the range is fixed.

Step 3

So, you know the range of the point layout Prepare your image for posting Upload it to the garçon where your point is located The image must be saved in one of three formats jpeg, gif or. png” alt = ” Как для картинку фоном для сайта” src = ” https// tumb/ 680/ images/ composition/2011/5/12/1_52552ada1ee0c52552ada1ee4c.jpg”

Step 4

Open your point in one of the cybersurfers If the image path is correct, you’ll see the changes

It’s recommended to use Dreamweaver to edit Html runners It’s a important editor that will allow you to make a lot of changes to your point

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