How to delete your site

How to delete your site

Deleting a point is done using an FTP director or by reaching your hosting provider’s support service. Before deleting it, you must save the necessary data to your computer to help loss of important data and if you need to restore the point.

FTP customer

Step 1

Before deleting, back over all data stored on the point using the FTP director you use To do this, start your program and connect to the FTP garçon to download the train

Step 2

In the train director window, move all directories to your computer stay until the data is downloaded from the garçon

Step 3

still, save a dump of the data tables To do this, go to the address handed by the host after the enrollment process and go to phpmyadmin by entering the necessary information to pierce the database operation, If you use MySQL on your point and use the machine to manage the point.

Step 4

Go to the” Import” tab of the Table director interface elect the train type you want to use for saving, and your favored character garbling Click cargo and choose a position to save the MySQL memory dump on your computer

Step 5

Go to the control panel of your hosting account and check whether all the necessary data has been saved by you If necessary, download a backup dupe of your point from the garçon to your computer using the corresponding option in the control panel.

Step 6

Alternately, you can also save thephp.ini configuration train to flash back the garçon configuration for use on other hostings.

Step 7

cancel all lines from your source’s htdocs brochure using FTP After omission, communicate your hosting support service with the need to close the account you’re using The point has been removed

Step 8

still, go to the control panel and link to the name garçon in the applicable section, If you bought a sphere for your point. To do this, simply abolish the entered data, and also save the changes made

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