How to enter the D-Link menu

How to enter the D-Link menu

In the setup menu of the D-Link Network Devices, users can change various data. The login itself is used in a specific order that new users may not be aware of

Why the D-Link Menu?

The D-Link Network Device menu allows users to change various types of information related to the router or modem used. For the most part, only one configuration policy is used for the effective operation of a single network device. If desired, the user can change the default values For example, you can change the security method, change the password for access to the network, username, network name, etc. It is important not to go to the settings of the network device and not to make any changes there. Not sure you will fix everything Even if something goes wrong, the user can reset all the settings to the factory settings (using the reset button) and only then, should everything be done.

How to access the D-Link menu?
To access the D-Link menu (web interface), you need to open any convenient browser (it is advisable to use Internet Explorer when changing default settings). In the address bar, you must enter the address of the main network gateway (IP address) or It should be noted that this address may have a different form It directly depends on the manufacturer of the network device and its model After a small window appears, the user has to enter a username and password. Sometimes the makers of such devices themselves write the factory login and password required by the web interface to enter the box. If it is not there, you can try to write the default value: Login – Admin, Password – Admin (or leave the field blank). According to Mana,

If the entered login and password values ​​are correct, the user will automatically enter the settings (web interface) of his network device. Otherwise (if login fails), the only thing that matters is that the master connected to the Internet changed the login and password to enter the D-Link menu. Normally, in such a case, he would have to leave a seat with the changed information, but for security reasons they sometimes do not do so (so that the user does not go into the web interface and destroys the devices for example). If there is no such information, you can call this master (if he has left a contact phone number) or reset the settings to the factory settings using the reset button and try to access. Again the d-link menu

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