How to fill in the tag

Label, keyword or label is the word in the textbook of the communication or the name of a blog or point that allows druggies to search for a specific source. The runner is designed for them to add to each new communication
Step 1

The field for label entry is located below the field for the main communication This is generally done by” markers”,” markers” or the like You have to enter a separate label by comma, so complex rulings can not be tagged. The point will use the two corridor of the judgment as two different markers After entering multiple markers on some platforms, you must click the” Tag Added” button or the”” symbol( for illustration, blogs for the same task. Other platforms automatically save markers with dispatches( LJ, companion by Circumstances

Chapter 2

The label is named from the body of the communication These crucial words are generally repeated numerous times in the textbook They’re written in the original form( for nouns- in the nominative case, singular, for verbs- in the infinitive,etc.). A single word or a combination of two or three words can be used as a label In this case, one of them should be in the original form When choosing markers, flash back that it’ll be by them that you can be set up

Step 3

Acceptable number of markers for 1500- 4000 characters dispatches without spaces You can add further by combining forms and corridor of speech( illustration breathe duly, breathe duly). As the textbook increases, so does the minimum needed

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