How to get to the homepage

How to get to the homepage

It is not surprising that some Internet resources are “lost” – professional designers sometimes design navigation buttons on the site in such a complex design that they will not be available immediately. And newbie webmasters, it happens, usually forget to provide their pages with such useful tools, or, on the other hand, leave links where they don’t need them. But in any case, you can definitely access the main page of the site

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Search Site Navigation Button As a rule, they are located at the top or on one side of the page When doing this, pay attention to the following points:

– Navigation buttons can be created in the form of drop-down or pop-up elements, so moving the cursor around the page window will not be superfluous;

– In the English-language interface, the home page link often contains the home page or home text.

– In the graphical interface, the home page is usually indicated by an icon with the image of a house.

– Among other things, there may be a link to the home page, the main image or logo located on the site’s so-called header. This way, for example, you can go to the homepage of Yandex, VKontakte and other popular web resources. For clarity, now, mouse cursor HowProsto! Run on the logo At the top left corner of the page – the cursor will change its shape and a pop-up window will appear below it – if you click on the logo, you will go to the main page.

Chapter 2

Remember that on poorly designed entertainment sites, you can see an active “return home” link when you are directly on that homepage. So, pay attention to the content of your browser’s address bar If you are already on the home page, as a rule, only the site address itself will be there, e.g. “Www.site_name.domain” type records (domains – character combinations ru, com, net, org, ua, etc.) After this construction, no additional words, numbers, or symbols will be indicated, especially those separated by it. | For example, the “/” symbol, Although there are exceptions – in this case, the word index is often used to refer to the main page.

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Please note that to get to the main page, you can only delete the elements in the address bar after the letters that point to the domain (see previous step). Select all characters separated from the site address by mouse with the “/” character – they can also be displayed in a light font – and press Delete, and then press Enter. Or completely clear the address bar and manually type the site address without all these “extra” elements (such as strict: “www.site_name.domain”). After pressing Enter, you will automatically find yourself on the main page

Chapter 4

“Back” button – the first button with an arrow in the navigation tool of any browser, and usually don’t forget about its “history” (“visit history”). It will not be difficult to find the relevant link if you are currently on the main page of the site. The “Journal” (“History of Visits”) can be called through the browser menu and using the hot key:

– In Google Chrome – Ctrl + H;

– In Opera and Mozilla Firefox – Ctrl + Shift + H;

– In Internet Explorer – Alt + X.

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