How to increase access speed

How to increase access speed

The main parameter affecting the performance of the network is the connection speed You can use a simple method to speed up access

How to increase access speed
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The speed of access to the network depends on a number of factors: your tariff plan, the load of the operator’s channel, and the optimization of the traffic usage. You can speed up access by changing your billing plan quickly or by setting up a program that uses your current connection.

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Adjust your browser to ensure minimum traffic You may not need many components at this time, but they will be loaded with an open web page. Disable image, application and pop-up downloads based on the priority of the work during the current web surfing.

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You can also use Opera Mini Browser Its fundamental difference from other browsers is that it does not broadcast the page directly, but first passes it through, where the information is compressed, and only then redirects it to your computer. You can disable the download of images and apps by keeping the traffic volume to a minimum. This browser was originally intended for use on mobile phones, so you have to install a Java Emulator.

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To increase the speed of downloading files using the browser’s built-in or standalone download manager, configure it so that the priority of active downloads is maximized. When using a torrent client, limit the upload speed to one kilobit per second.

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Regardless of the task, it is necessary to reduce the number of applications that use network connections and do not have priority. To do this, disable all applications on the explorer panel and tray, and then launch the task manager to control their shutdown.

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