How to learn English easily – How to learn English easily sitting at home?

Hello friends, today we are going to learn that how you can learn to speak, read and write English very easily sitting at home. (How to Learn to Read English)

Nowadays, many parents have a lot of trouble when their children get homework in English and they ask their parents that means ask you.(English kaise sikhe).

But you have to face a lot of problems because you do not know English, nowadays many students also have a lot of problems. (How to learn english easily).

When a form comes in front of them and it is in English or they get to read something and it is in English.

But at that time they do not know English due to which they face many problems.(English kaise sikhe)

But at that time they do not know English, due to which they have a lot of problems, so let’s know how to learn English sitting at home.

Many children will see the love of Hindi rising, they will say that why do you want to teach English, you should teach Hindi and promote Hindi. (How to learn to read English).

Hindi is our mother tongue, yes I know Hindi is our mother tongue but it is very important for you to know it too. (Ghr sitting – english kaise seekhe).

That apart from Hindi, English is also the official language of our India, in which all government work is done.

And if you learn to speak English and many other languages ​​apart from Hindi, it is not a bad thing in this, it is your benefit.

Let us now know how to easily learn to speak, read and write English from home or how to learn to read English – How to learn to read English from home.

How to learn english – step by step ?

1. Learn basic first

Whatever you want to learn English or any language, first of all you have to go for it, you should know the basic grammar of that language.

That’s how basic sentences are made in that language, where the subject, verb and object are positioned, only then you will find that language well.

You must have seen many people making a mistake and you must have made that mistake that many people start paying attention to advanced grammar instead of basic.

He starts thinking that where will it be located, where will it be, if I have not put it wrong, this is its correct position.

Or else, if he is unable to make basic sense in this affair, then first of all my advice to all of you will remain the same.

That first you clear these four topics, first Tense then Voice followed by Preposition and then Conjunction.

You should know how to use these four topics and you do not need to go anywhere to use and learn them.

You can easily search on YouTube on the Internet and learn them very easily.

2. Learn new words daily:-

When you learn basic grammar, after that the biggest problem comes in front of you is that you do not know the meaning of words.

That what it is called in English means you have to fix your vocabulary, now you have to do this for this.

That you have to make a rule and that rule is that you will learn 10 new words everyday and use them in your daily routine.

And when you do this every day, you will start feeling in a few days that you know the meaning of all those words which are available around you.

And about which you need to know, write those ten words in your diary every day, which will create a vocabulary of your own in no time.

3. Listen carefully

The most important thing that comes after learning the basic structure and knowing the meaning is listening. You have to learn to listen.

How a person speaks and what is said in his reply, then what should you do for it.

Whenever you watch a Hollywood movie nowadays, you watch it in Hindi dubbed, now what you have to do is, you have to watch that movie in English only.

But nowadays Hindi subtitles have started coming together, you are saying it in English only, you are saying and listen to what he is saying as well as read Hindi subtitles that what will be their Hindi meaning.

Earlier you used to see these things in Hindi but now you start watching in English because you have very good basic knowledge.

4. Speak confidently

First of all, start speaking English with people in front of whom you feel a lot of conference.

And can easily share any thing because the biggest problem while learning English is when people start speaking new English.

So he is critiqued, due to which he is never able to feel confident and learns English.


Friends, if you use these four methods, then you can easily learn English sitting at home and once again I am explaining that Hindi is our mother tongue language.

But do not be afraid to learn English because whenever you learn a new language, you learn a lot with it and move forward in life.

Friends, how to learn to read English – How to learn to read English sitting at home (How to learn english easy) Do tell us in the comments how you felt.

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