How to Make a School Website

How to Make a School Website

Most organizations have their own website This is very convenient, as customers can see all the available information without leaving their home. Schools can also have their own portals Its creation will reduce the time parents spend getting acquainted with future educational institutions In addition, school children can view all information about their home school

1) Denver;
2) CMS Joomla
Item 1

Think about site planning and structure Which menu item will you add? The site will be multi-page for the school, so you have to use the engine to fill in the administration and filling. It is important to create a menu about the history of the school Also take care of your media content Images must be submitted from school Therefore, take a picture of the objects in the educational institution in advance The work of school children will also look good in electronic format Same for video recording

Chapter 2

Choose a hosting This problem should be considered before creating a site If you are building a site commissioned by the administration and it will be used for a long time, don’t worry about free hosting services. If this step is entirely up to you, you can put the portal in a free domain and hosting. When choosing a virtual site, do not order too much space One or two gigabytes of space will be enough for a school site, depending on the content of the media content.

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Start building a website When choosing an engine, you can stop at Joomla It is suitable for such purposes Don’t forget to download and install Denver Next, create a folder with your site name in the Denver directory Open your browser and type in the address of the portal You will be taken to a page with Joomla Engine Installation Don’t forget to create a MySQL database

Chapter 4

Design your site After completing the installation of the CMS, start working with the design You can choose or write a template provided by the developer You can also order a themed template from experts If you have financial problems, you can reload the template yourself.

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Fill out the site A portal on such topics should be, first and foremost, informative Learn more about the history of the school, ask each teacher for a brief biography In a nutshell, users of your site should learn everything about education Also, don’t forget about the successes and successes of schools and private students You can create a small honor board After completing all the work on the site, don’t forget to move it to the hosting platform. Now everyone can use your creation


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