How to save files on the internet for free?

How to save files on the internet for free?

Sometimes a PC does not have enough hard disk space when it is necessary to store materials for work. In this case, the Internet can be used as a virtual storage completely free of charge.

Google Drive

A free cloud service that allows you to store files of any size for a long time. To use it, you have to login in your name, or create a new account that will allow you to access all Google services.

It has a user-friendly interface that a new user can easily understand. Unfortunately, the free virtual space is not unlimited here – only 15 GB Therefore, to save space, it is recommended to delete files that have lost their relevance.

It can be purchased if additional space is needed For 1390 rubles a year, consumers will be credited on 100 GB of disk, if 219 rubles – 200 GB per month is paid

Google Drive protects your files, and if sharing is not needed, no one will know about them and therefore will not have access. But if you have to share the downloaded one, you just have to copy the link that leads directly to the download of the content.


The same project with the ability to upload and store files in a virtual service, transferring to other users. To get a place, you have to register or login in your own name

Everything here is sorted by date, which is very convenient and speeds up the search for essentials. Thanks to the widget on the left, you can find files by category – photos, videos, albums, etc.

There is only 10 GB of free space available, and there is an option to buy extra space on the server The price here is lower than Google Drive, plus promotions are made in the form of reduced monthly prices when paid for the year.

Mail Cloud

When registering here, users are given 8GB of free Mail Cloud has a very nice looking interface that is very easy to use

It is not difficult to shorten the files here – just click on the icon in the upper right corner and select the desired location option – by date, alphabet or size. In addition, you can customize the type of display – a list or a table

Cloud space can be increased if needed Here the price is higher than Yandex.Disk, but less than Google Drive. While paying 149 rubles per month, the consumer will get 128 GB of extra space on the server, 229 rubles for 256 GB of virtual space.

Thus, in the absence of the possibility of storing files on the device, you can upload them to the Cloud Service server, save them there and share them where necessary, send them to the person you want to download.



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