How to save server settings

How to save server settings

You may need to save garçon settings for colorful reasons Depending on them, you need to choose special software that saves, transfers and installs garçon settings

Step 1

Download and install a special program on your computer to save the system image installed on your garçon This option is suitable for both reinstalling the garçon operating system and transferring data to another computer There are not really numerous accessible programs for these purposes, the most popular and dependable being Acronis True Image Garçon. This program isn’t free, but it’ll allow you to save and transfer garçon settings with the topmost trustability You can also use other analogous programs, but it’s stylish to read other druggies’ reviews about them first See also BackUp superintendent software

Step 2

still, use a mileage called addusers, If you only need to save the garçon settings for the stoner database with just the name and word forlogin.exe from the ResourceKit program. Write the stoner database to a train in”Addusers.exe/ dusers.txt”, use”Addusers.exe/ cusers.txt/ plce” to add druggies to the garçon from your train. Please note that this system will only work depending on the purpose of saving the garçon settings

Step 3

Please note that you won’t be suitable to save garçon settings fully; You still need to specify some parameters manually Chances are, for illustration, when you transfer the settings, you’ll find anon-functional configuration of the garçon operating system with a bunch of bugs that will take longer to fix than dropping out the settings.

Step 4

still, still, you decide to save the garçon configuration, If.

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