How to send a signal

How to send a signal

The number of cable TV subscribers has dropped due to an increase in the number of users watching TV channels online. When you or a group need to watch a particular program, and the monitor’s digital signal does not allow it, it is recommended to send the signal to the TV

– a computer with an internet connection;
– TV with a large triangular screen
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First of all, you have to turn off the TV and the computer (disconnect the power with the device). This is required for proper connection of the monitor to the TV When connecting to a special cable, it is important to pay attention to the moment when the system unit’s dashboard is properly selected. Most computers now support dual monitors

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Cables from monitors and TVs must be placed in different slots to work simultaneously on a computer and watch video content on a large screen. But some video adapters only have one video output, in which case it is enough to connect a video adapter that works via USB interface (probably, you do not have to install the driver or other software).

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Then connect the second (free) plug of the cable with the connector on the TV dashboard (VGA, DVI or HDMI). As a rule, when connected to a cable, the plugs are the same, for example, VGA-VGA or HDMI-HDMI. But there may be exceptions to the rule in the form of VGA-DVI, DVI-HDMI, etc. Such “mixed” cables can be purchased at any computer store or ordered from a radio workshop.

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Now you have to turn on the power of the TV, then turn on the computer After downloading the operating system, you will have to wait for the definition of a new video adapter or device. Use the remote control to set the desired channel by pressing TV / AV, source or input.

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To display an additional window (second monitor), go to the settings and set the appropriate mode, or press the Win + P key combination. Then open the browser, launch the video broadcast site and press the play button. At a later time, you should press the maximum or full screen button

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