How to send a vote to a friend

How to send a vote to a friend

The rapid development of the Internet cannot be stopped The emergence of various social networks makes the lives of users not only fascinating, but also practical. Voice as a new currency, has proven itself well With their help you can buy goods and services not only on the social network, but also outside it. It is also possible to transfer your voice to your friends and acquaintances

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Voting is a simple process To do this, you need to have a certain number of votes in your account After that, go to the page that is responsible for the operation with the vote On this page, you can fund, buy, check balance, and transfer money to friends.

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In the “Account Information” tab, you can view all your transactions Select this tab The above operations will be displayed in front of you There is also a special form for sending votes Click on this form

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This form has three fields In the case of the “recipient” you can select the friend you want to send the vote to. The next step is to choose the number of votes Finally, you can write a message to the user Once you have completed the form, click on “Transfer Vote”


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