How to send SMS messages from a site

How to send SMS messages from a site

If you need to send an SMS to a customer of the largest mobile operator, you do not need to spend a penny on the message. Finally, companies like Billin, MTS and MegaFon provide free SMS delivery services directly from their official websites

How to send SMS messages from a site
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To send a free SMS to a mega phone customer, go to In the input form, fill in the recipient’s phone number with the subhead +7 and write the text of the message yourself. In the text field, there is a limit to the number of characters entered – up to 150. Mega phone users have the opportunity to enable the translate function by ticking the box next to the relevant line and requesting SMS delivery time. Make sure you capture the code / code from the image and click “Next” After sending, the site provides an opportunity to check the status of the message – pending or previously distributed.

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To send an SMS to an MTS customer, go to the official website of this mobile operator But the company has set a limit on sending free SMS from the site This service can only be used by MTS customers, entering their phone number at the top of the page and confirming their involvement in the cellular operator. After that, you will get a confirmation code on your phone, which you will have to access the site later. In the next line, enter the recipient’s mobile phone number Both phones are accessed without eight The text of the message on this site is limited to 140 characters Click “Next”, get a confirmation code on your mobile and enter it in a separate area on the site’s update page. Once the operation is complete, the message will be distributed

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Mobile operator “Beeline” allows you to send free SMS from this page: Enter the text, number of recipients and, if necessary, select the option “Convert Cyrillic characters to Latin”. The length of the message should not exceed 140 characters Enter the verification code from the image at the bottom of the page and click “Submit”. Your message has been sent, which can be verified by checking the status of the SMS


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