How to send your photos by mail

How to send your photos by mail

Sending photos by e-mail is a simple and time-consuming process It may take a little longer to pre-convert convenient files to send files that have your photo stored in a form.


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Scan photos if not in electronic form (in one file)

Chapter 2

If your total weight is too high, collect your photo files It is worth paying attention to the five-megabytes of Threshold value, although it would be more appropriate for your recipient of your letter to go further than the Internet connection. For archives, you can use the normal WinRAR program After installing on a computer, it adds its instructions to the standard Windows Explorer, so it is convenient to do this method. Press CTRL + E or double-click on my computer shortcut on your desktop to launch the file explorer.

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Navigate to the folder containing the photo files you want to pack. Select them and right-click them The context menu will contain the “Add to Archive” line – select it

Chapter 4

Specify the name of the photo storage created in the “Archive Name” field By default, the folder name will be listed there – you can leave it at that, and if you decide to change it, keep in mind that the rar extension will remain unchanged with the dot in front of it.

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Click the “OK” button to start the archive process and the program will create a file with the specific name that contains your photo in the same folder.

Chapter 6

Make this archive multivolume if the packaged photos are overweight. A multivolume archive has many files, each of which you can specify the maximum weight during the conversion process. You will need to upload these files separately To set the conversion option, double-click the created archive

Chapter 7

Press the keyboard shortcut alt = “Image” + Q and click the “Shrink” button to enter the file size setting of the Multivolume Library.

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Enter the size limit for each file in the box under the field “Divide by size …” For example, to set a limit of five megabytes, type 5 meters.

Chapter 9

Click on the “OK” button on it and the next window to start the conversion process. When finished, click the Close button

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Send the prepared files in the usual way If you are accustomed to using the web interface of any mail service, go to the relevant site, login and click the “Write a letter” button.

Chapter 11

Fill in all the required fields of the new message form, including the text you have included for the photo you are sending.

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Click the “Attach a file” link, then the “Browser” button, first find the advanced archive on your computer and double-click it.

Chapter 13

Send a message with an attached file, and then repeat the process of creating a letter, attach a file to it, and send for each remaining archive file.

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