How to set a nickname

How to set a nickname

When accessing a site or game, the user needs to enter his username and password for identification. In many networks, the service also provides the function of creating a nickname – an additional name with which you can communicate with friends.

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Your nickname is very good This allows you to hide your real name and access the site under any pseudonym. What will happen depends only on the user’s imagination And you can change your nickname on almost any network

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Most popular, especially among young people, the social service “VKontakte” contains a special section “Rename” in its settings. In it, along with the main parameters – the first and last name, so that your friends and acquaintances can find you on the network, you can change the middle name and idename.

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To perform this operation with your VKontakte page, go to the “My Settings” section. Then in the window that opens, go down a bit and look for the “Rename” item. When you go to the edit page, add and change the information you need Remember to save your changes

Chapter 4

Personal information is also edited in other social services For example, in “My World”, to change the first and last name from your personal page, go to the “Profile” item on the left side of the main photo. Then, in the “Personal Information” subdirectory, select the desired section and make appropriate changes. The “My World” menu in the “Profile” menu has a mandatory column “Nickname”, in which you can access your nickname. After editing the questionnaire, click the “Save” button

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In Odnoklassniki, as with other social networks, personal information is also changed in the relevant sections of the settings menu.


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