How to set up internet on Htc

How to set up internet on Htc

Internet setting up on HTC devices is no different from changing settings on the same device as the pre-installed Android system. The connection is configured through the relevant section of the device menu You can connect to a Wi-Fi network or use the 3G connection provided by your mobile operator.

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All HTC connection parameters have been changed to the “Settings” section of the device. This can be accessed through the associated icon on the main menu of the device Click on the gear icon on the device’s menu, and then click on the “Wireless” section.

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Select Wi-Fi for a high-speed wireless data connection On the screen that appears, move the Wi-Fi slider to the “on” position and wait until the networks available for connection are displayed.

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Select the appropriate entry point for which you have the password You can also take advantage of free hotspots Once the password is entered, you will see the relevant Wi-Fi connection icon in the top bar of the system notification.

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To set up a mobile data network via your operator’s SIM card, go to the “Mobile Network” – “Internet Access Point” menu from the “Settings” – “Wireless” section. Most major mobile operators are already on the proposed access point list, and for that you only need to activate the item that matches your operator name.

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After the change, wait for about 15-20 seconds for the phone to update the network data, and then go back to the main menu of the phone and select the “Browser” program to access the internet to access the required internet page. Enter any site address and ensure access

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Wait for the source page to appear on the smartphone screen If all settings are done correctly, the internet setup is complete, and you will see the site you want. If something goes wrong while changing the option, call your mobile operator’s support team for automatic settings for your phone.

Chapter 7

Internet settings for your phone may have to be manually configured To do this, in the “Access Points” menu, click on the “Add” option and create a new connection according to the parameters your telecom operator tells you.

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