How to start your server

How to start your server

If you have to exchange data continuously between many computers in your office or at home, you should consider using a file server. It is a computer that is connected to a public network and allows the free transfer of files within it.

This is important
– Computers;
– Ethernet card;
– Big hard drive;
– 256-512 MB RAM।
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First of all, determine the number of users who can access the server simultaneously. If their number reaches 10, a file server can be built on quite a bit of hardware. To a large extent, the connection to the server must be established in parallel Get a powerful and efficient computer with enough RAM

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Choose a hard drive to share the right file with If most of the files used by the server are normal electronic documents, a 60-80GB hard drive would be enough, as these file types are relatively small. However, if you plan to share video, music or large databases, you need to choose a disk for several hundred gigabytes.

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Install additional memory if necessary Smaller file servers can run with 256 MB of RAM, while intense performance requires 512 MB or more. The more users, the more RAM you need

Chapter 4

Choose the right operating system It can depend on the comfort and level needed Linux or other similar operating systems work very well because they can run on less powerful hardware. In this case, you do not have to install the GUI

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Build and configure server computers with all the necessary components When using Linux and the same system, the server will need less computer and less performance. Feel free to stay on top of supported hardware The main thing is that the main computer has an Ethernet card to connect to an office or home network.

Chapter 6

Go to the control panel and configure the server Enable printer and file sharing using administrative tools Make sure the communication between the computer is working properly and that the hardware is not overloaded.

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