How to upload a photo in Galaxy

How to upload a photo in Galaxy

Today, there is a lot of social networking on the internet where people communicate, meet, find new friends and exchange photos. One of the most popular social networks for virtual communication is the “Galaxy”. Like any other similar site, you can upload photos to the Galaxy, and you can do it in two ways, one of which is to use third-party services from the mobile studio and the other is to use the official service of the Galaxy of Dating.

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Go to the official site of the Galaxy of Dating and log in to your profile. Once the authorization is complete and you can access your profile, you will be able to access the social network menu.

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From this menu, select the Add Photos option and click the Browser button and upload the photos one after the other by selecting the photos you want in your computer’s explorer. After selecting the desired file, click “Open” and then “Upload”

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The site does not support uploading batch, so if you want to upload multiple photos at once, please be patient. After uploading the first photo, proceed to upload the second, then the third and fourth.

Chapter 4

After uploading the required number of photos, launch the Galaxy app (a client that makes it easier to work with social networking) and open the “My Information” section. In this section, select the “Photo Gallery” sub-section and create an album by clicking the “New Album” button.

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Edit the title and description of the album, then click the “Create” button. You will see a list of photos uploaded to the server Select the one you want to go to the album and move the photos When your album is ready, everyone can see it on your personal page on the Galaxy social network.

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