How to use email

How to use email

E-mail offers many opportunities to address a variety of issues related to friendly communication, business and negotiations. The speed of sending and receiving messages provides unparalleled convenience when it is necessary to send the necessary remote information remotely. Ni data doubtless, for the rapid dissemination of data, e-mail has gone a long way in the past, leaving telegraph and regular mail.

This is important
– Computers with internet access;
– Browser program

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Launch a browser program, go to the site of your mail system Login: Enter your username and password The system will move you to the Inbox folder This folder contains all received messages The read messages are in bold High priority messages are marked with a red surprise Attachments (attachments) of messages are marked with a paper clip. You can download the attachment without clicking on the letter by clicking on the paperclip icon. To work with incoming mail, click on the subject of the letter At the top of the letter, the address of the sender will be indicated, then the subject and the text of the letter itself.

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The e-mail capability allows you to forward this letter to another address by clicking the appropriate button. If a file is attached to a letter, a link to it will be placed after the text You can download an attachment by clicking on the link and clicking on the right mouse button. Select the “Target Save” command and select a location on your computer You can also reply to the message by clicking on the relevant button

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Create a new message by clicking on the “Write a letter” or “Create message” link. Fill in the “Two” field, enter the address of the message recipient in Latin letters without spaces. In the case of Cc and Bcc, if necessary, specify the additional recipients of the message. It is convenient to use e-mail when sending a message to many recipients Fill in the “Subject” field so that you know what the recipient’s message is Text-to-speech, e-mail capabilities allow you to format with standard commands (style, font size, text placement, and color).

Chapter 4

If you have to send a file, click the “Attach File” button, select it from your computer and click “Open”. Wait for the file to download Many mail systems have restrictions on the size of the transferred files, so, for example, it is best to upload photos to the appropriate source and send only one link to the album. When all the fields are filled, click the “Submit” button

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