How to write your service

How to write your service

Visual Studio is the standard tool for creating Windows services. A net template called Windows Services

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The main benefit of this Windows service tool is the automation of inheritance and the creation of referrals for the right classes and categories by revising the required procedures.


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Make sure you understand the sequence of steps to create your service: – Define the service name correctly; – create the necessary founders; – doing an overbridge; – Explain the Unstopp and Unstart codes; – Explain the configuration method for Service creation

Chapter 2

Use the Properties dialog box to set the desired name for the service you are creating Note that the selected service name must match the name used by the class installer application. Any change in the value of the name used indicates an update to the class installer application.

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Use the following parameters to define the quality and method of the service created: – True – In the Constup section – Allow acceptance of requests that interfere with execution; – True – In the CanShutDown section – Allow notifications to be received when a computer is turned on. Close the OnShutDown method; – False – in the CanPauseAndContinue section – to disable the service and prevent the re-umption from starting, or true – to allow these actions; – False – In the CanHandlePowerEvents section – to refuse to notify about changes. In the case of computer power, or true – allow such notifications to be received; – False – in the Auto Log section – to prevent the recording of reports of actions performed by the service performed in event logging, or to enable true – event logging.

Chapter 4

Call the code editor tool and enter the required processing cost for the OnStop and OnStart systems. Change the values โ€‹โ€‹of the values โ€‹โ€‹of the methods to be changed in the activity and add the required installer for the service being created.

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Expand the build menu and specify the build solution command without using the F5 function key to start the service. Install the created service

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