How WebMoney Works

How WebMoney Works

WebMoney is a convenient service for paying for purchases and services on the Internet In addition, with the help of this payment system, you can quickly make money on the internet and easily cash it.

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You can register on the official website of the website by specifying your phone number in the international format. Fill in your personal information or log in through popular social services Check the filled data, as it will be impossible to change them after registration. Make sure you sign up using specific e-mails by following the link in the letter. Next time, an SMS should come with an authorization code, which must be entered in the appropriate field.

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On the official WebMoney website, create an electronic wallet by selecting the desired currency. You can find out your wallet number by clicking on the balance Manage your electronic account through the website, using the web money keeper program or installing a mobile app.

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To manage your Internet wallet, you need to download and install the WebMoney Keeper program. You can download the file or follow the link on the official WebMoney website.

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You will need to be able to pay for purchases and services through the WebMoni service, to fill your e-wallet. This can be done using a bank card through a payment terminal or other online payment system. To get paid, just know your e-wallet number As a rule, the transfer takes place within minutes of the transfer

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For the protection of an electronic wallet, the WebMoney Keeper program offers you an access code every time you enter the program. This is done to protect your online account from any unauthorized access. Authorization code is sent to specific mobile phones during registration

Chapter 6

In order to cash in on electronic money, you have to contact the nearest WebMoney point and use the service of withdrawing funds from an electronic wallet. The WM office is located all over the world

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