What is Google Doodle?

What is Google Doodle?

Internet users who prefer Google search engines have long noticed that the company logo changes during holidays and memorable days. These changes in character design are called Google Doodles, which can be translated as “Google drawing

The first Google Doodle image appeared on the Internet in 1998 It was dedicated to the Burning Man Festival, which is held every year in North Nevada The next theme logo appeared in 2000 in honor of Bastille Day In later years, Google Doodle was regularly used in all regional search engine domains.

Often, scientists with the Google logo change have been given the opportunity to coincide with the birthdays of scientists and cultural figures. Doodle paintings depict the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, Nicola Tesla, Antonio Vivaldi, John Lennon and others.

A unique logo design not only celebrates the anniversary of celebrities, but also private companies, for example, on the occasion of Lego’s 50th anniversary, the Google logo was created from the naming convention. Other Google doodle themes are historical historical events, religious and public holidays and all kinds of festivals.

In the Russian Russian domain of the search engine, the 450th anniversary of the 2011 Google Doodle Series, the most beautiful logo of St. Basil Cathedral, Pushkin, Russia Day, Knowledge Day The thematic design of the article also marked the anniversary of the great Russians: the 190th anniversary of the birth of FM. Dostoevsky, 300th Anniversary of MV Lomonosov, 90th Anniversary of UV Niculin and others

Of particular interest to consumers are animated (interactive) and interactive logos. So, in Halloween 2011, the company showed off a doodle in the form of a quick shot, in which its employees cut a logo from the cuckoo. Interactive logos can interact with each other by moving the mouse cursor over them. Consumers are invited to play virtual guitar strings, play a mini game or solve a puzzle.

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